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Comodo SSL Certificates

Comodo SSL certificates are the most popular and widely used SSL certificates,

with a market share of 35% of all secure domains on the internet.

This means that visitors to your website, who look at the certificate details and

see Comodo's trust seal, are more likely to experience high levels of assurance

that the website is secure, verified and indeed can be trusted. As a direct result,

this typically translates into increased conversion rates for your website.

The Benefits of Ordering from Introplex

As an official Comodo Partner, Introplex can offer you the perfect combination of reliability and price. While placing the order through introplex, the SSL certificate issuing process is done directly by Comodo and the certificate is also being emailed to you by Comodo. The only difference is in the price. By ordering the Comodo certificate through Introplex, you are able to enjoy lower prices than those you would have received had you ordered the exact same certificate directly from Comodo.

Let's take a look at how much you save when you order Comodo SSL Certificates from Introplex with 2-year validity (the most popular validity option for SSL certificates):

Comodo Essential

Comodo Instant

Comodo EV SGC

Comodo Premium Wildcard

Comodo Price (2-Year Validity) $71/year $89/year $474/year $428/year
Introplex Price (2-Year Validity) $39/year $59/year $199/year $249/year
You Save $64 $60 $550 $358

Comodo has a variety of SSL certificates you can choose from to suit your needs and the level of assurance you wish to provide. You can use the chart below to compare the features of each certificate and to find the one most suitable for your needs.

Choose Your SSL Certificate

Comodo Essential

Comodo Instant

Comodo EV SGC

Comodo Premium Wildcard

256-bit Encryption
2048-bit root Keys
Domain validation requires only quick confirmation of domain ownership. Organization validation requires to authenticate the organization. Extended Validation (EV) certificates include both, but require more thorough authentication.Validation Level Domain validation Organization validation Extended Validation Organization validation
While all certificates display a padlock, only EV certificates display a green address bar with the organization name in the browser, to provide further indication and instantly recognizable assurance that the website is secure and can be trusted.Green Address Bar
Issuance Time Minutes Within 1 hour 3-4 days Within 1 hour
Secures with/without www
A wildcard certificate secures unlimited number of subdomains of a single domain.Unlimited Subdomains
99.9% Browser Support
Warranty Level $10,000 $10,000 $1,750,000 $250,000
Comodo's site seal can be embedded on your website pages to reassure customers that the website is secure and verified. Hovering over the dynamic TrustLogo streams timestamped confirmation that your website/organization has been verified.Site Seal (Trust Mark) Static Seal Dynamic Seal Dynamic Seal Dynamic Seal
Unlimited Server Licenses
24/7 Support
Free Reissues
1-Year Validity $49/year $69/year $290/year $299/year
2-Year Validity $39/year $59/year $199/year $249/year
3-Year Validity $29/year $49/year N/A $229/year
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