Our fully managed servers come with a comprehensive suite of services that takes care of all the server administration tasks for you, while keeping you in control.

All our managed servers include the following services:

Software Management

We install, update and provide support for a large variety of software that comes pre-installed on your managed server. This includes the operating system, the control panel, Apache, PHP, MySQL, security modules, mail and DNS servers, SSH and many other commonly used hosting server software packages. In addition to regular software updates we also proactively provide security updates and patches to keep your server secure against all the latest known threats.

Help Desk Support

We provide 24x7 365 days a year support for all our managed servers. You can open a support ticket by logging in to our client portal at .
If you require help with the software that comes pre-installed on your server, if you have configuration issues, if something doesn't function properly and for everything else, please don't hesitate to contact our support team.

Hardware Management

Using only top server-grade components, such as Intel Xeon for processors, Intel SSD and SuperMicro motherboards, we build your server to deliver any performance level you require. With dedicated and hybrid servers, you can choose to change and upgrade most components at any time. All server hardware is monitored 24x7 by qualified technicians and, as backed up by our SLA, in the rare event of a component failure we guarantee to replace it within 1 hour of problem identification free of charge.

Security Hardening

All our managed servers come with an enhanced security hardening service that includes installation and configuration of an advanced firewall (CSF), CPHulk and LFD (Login Failure Daemon) both for protection against brute-force login attacks, intrusion detection software Rootkit Hunter and Chkrootkit which both perform nightly security audits, mod_security for intrusion protection, ClamAV anti-virus, anti-spam software and RBL, kernel and filesystem hardening, proactive security updates and more.

Network Management

Our fast and secure network is designed to provide a reliable and uninterrupted service to all your applications. This is guaranteed by our 100% network uptime SLA. To ensure uninterrupted performance both the public and private networks are constantly being monitored to detect any irregularities, and for enhanced security each client is isolated to its own private VLAN within the network.

Server Optimization

When you order a managed server from us, one of the unique services included with that is our customized optimization service. Tailored to the specific applications you use, we can optimize MySQL, Apache, LiteSpeed and various server configurations, so that your server performance and resource distribution will be optimized according to the traffic and load that your server currently handles and to the specific type of applications you use.

Proactive Monitoring

Your server and the services running on it are proactively monitored 24x7 to ensure all processes continuously function as they should. The monitoring is performed at the software level, the hardware level and the network level, using special software and sensors that constantly check the server and the services running on it. If any service is down and doesn't restart automatically, our staff is immediately alerted to the issue and can work to restore the service promptly.

Migration Service

If you want to transfer your hosting account, files and database from another hosting server to Introplex or within Introplex servers, we offer a free migration assistance service to help you with the process. Simply open a support ticket to request the migration, providing the server and hosting account details, and we will make the transfer. Please make sure to back up all data before any migration.